In the Afrikaans hamer (hammer) and you will kop (head)

In the Afrikaans hamer (hammer) and you will kop (head)

H: hamerkop so you’re able to howzit

hamerkop (noun) – Southern African marsh bird (Scopus umbretta), pertaining to the storks, that have a favorite crest into the head.

Hanepoot (noun) – Nice drink made from new muscat blanc d’Alexandrie grape cultivar, and you can a separate term because of it cultivar.

hang regarding an excellent (adjective) – Most otherwise large, as in: “It is hang off a difficult” or “I got a beneficial hang regarding problematic”.

hi (exclamation) – Expression used since the a separate question meaning “pardon?” or “exactly what?” – “Hey? What did you say?” Otherwise you can use it to help you punctual affirmation or arrangement, such as “It was an effective film, hello?”

homelands (noun) – The spurious “independent” claims where black Southern area Africans was basically obligated to grab citizenship under the policy of apartheid. Called bantustans.

howzit (exclamation) – Preferred Southern area African invited you to definitely translates roughly as the “Exactly how are you?”, “Exactly how are some thing?” or just “Hello”. Regarding “How could it possibly be?”

I: imbizo to isiZulu

imbizo (noun) – Meeting titled of the a vintage chief, or one conference or working area. On the isiZulu biza (label, summon)

Iscamtho, isiCamtho (noun) – Tsotsitaal (gangster words), a widely-spoken township patois made up of a keen amalgam out of terms and conditions out-of isiZulu, isiXhosa, Afrikaans and many English. From the isiZulu camto (speak).

J: ja to simply today

jawelnofine (exclamation) – Actually, “sure (ja in the Afrikaans), well, zero, fine”, all in just one term. An expression away from resignation otherwise puzzlement similar to “How about that?”

Joburg (noun) – Johannesburg, Southern Africa’s prominent city. Immediately following casual, it’s now applied to the city of Johannesburg sign.

jol (noun, verb and you can adjective) – Affair, enjoyable, class (noun); celebrate, enjoy, cluster, moving and drink (verb). Somebody who really does these items was a joller. On the Afrikaans getting “dance” otherwise “party”; perhaps associated with “jolly”. Sometimes spelled “jawl” otherwise “jorl”.

K: kaaskop to kwela-kwela

kaaskop, chiskop, chizkop, cheesekop (noun) – Hairless individual, or people which have a shaved head. “Kop” are Afrikaans to possess lead. “Kaas” ‘s the Afrikaans for mozzarella cheese. As to why “cheese head” function bald person is not yet determined.

kasie (noun) – Shortened sort of the brand new Afrikaans lokasie (location), the new more mature word to possess township – the reduced-money dorm suburbs external metropolitan areas and you will towns to which black colored South Africans was indeed confined during the apartheid point in time.

Khoikhoi [and Quena] (noun) – Local Khoisan people living in southwest Southern area Africa, Namibia and you can Botswana, for instance the Nama, as well as their languages. On the Nama having “people individuals” otherwise “real anybody”.

kiepersol (noun) – Cabbage forest. Regarding Afrikaans, to start with maybe throughout the outdated Indian English kittisol (parasol). The brand new tree has some similarity so you can an enthusiastic umbrella.

kikoi (noun) – Beautifully patterned cotton fiber content that have fringed ends up made use of given that a laid-back wraparound anastasiadate MobilnГ­ strГЎnka skirt, otherwise fabric, otherwise picnic blanket. In the Kiswahili.

knobkierie (noun) – Attacking stick to a dick on organization end. Regarding Afrikaans knop (knob) and Khoisan kirri or keeri , (stick).

koeksuster (noun) – In addition to spelled koeksister . Traditional Malay and you will Afrikaner sweet, made of twisted yeast money, deep-fried and dipped during the syrup. Suitable-side enclave away from Orania throughout the Northern Cape also has its own sculpture towards koeksister. The term arises from the newest Dutch koek (cake) and you may sissen (so you’re able to sizzle).

kombi (noun) – Minibus taxi. Regarding the Volkswagen proprietary term Kombi, about German Kombiwagen. Volkswagen minibuses was basically the first utilized in the initial amounts off South Africa’s minibus cab transport revolution of your own early 1980s, though now almost every other automobile tends to make can be used.

korhaan (noun) – Group of species of a lot of time-legged African bird (genus Eupodotis) included in unlock nation. In the Dutch korhaan (black colored men grouse), away from korren (also coo) and you will haan (cock).

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