It might even trigger a civil combat

It might even trigger a civil combat

Towards the Defiant, which is commanded by the Worf, the brand new Lakota crew hails and you can consult the motorboat get rid of their safeguards and you can prepare are boarded due to the fact vessel introduces shields and costs guns.

Operate Four

In the Leyton’s place of work, Sisko tries to encourage Leyton one to other Federation planets can’t ever deal with Starfleet overthrowing their legitimately opted for chairman or setting up off what often essentially be good dictatorship on the planet. Getting the Lakota flames to your Defiant ‘s the first faltering step down one ebony highway, but Leyton does not want to cancel the order.

With the Defiant, new crew ask yourself if your Lakota crew is bluffing, however, once they enter into guns assortment, he is discharged up on of the Excelsior-category motorboat. Head O’Brien cards that Lakota appears to have got their guns current, and you can unwilling to exposure losing shields in order to cloak and you may not knowing it normally outrun the Lakota, the latest crew’s only choice is to try to fight the way to avoid it.

Leyton cards the newest irony one Sisko got to begin with been way more interested inside the engineering than simply he was at the order, up to Leyton produced him very first officer, but notes that he didn’t teach Ben regarding the loyalty. Sisko balks at this, effect Leyton is the history individual keep in touch with him on loyalty whenever they are busted his oath so you’re able to Starfleet and you will purchased one to of the boats to help you flames towards the some other.

Just upcoming, Benteen hails Leyton, and the admiral, nevertheless on phaser-area, solutions. Benteen tells your they have been not able to prevent the Defiant owed to help you the girl ablative armour (this new equipping where was not toward number in order to Starfleet surgery). Leyton amends their orders so the Defiant actually becoming disabled, but forgotten at any cost. Benteen try astonished, and you can Sisko pleads with her not to kill the Starfleet officers helping on the Defiant as the she understands there’s absolutely no Changelings to your board. Benteen ends up the new indication just after Leyton reminds the woman out of their requests.

Both the Defiant additionally the Lakota was indeed defectively broken, and you can a beneficial hit away from possibly tend to complete the almost every other away from. The new Defiant team are reluctant to explore fatal force up against the other crew… and it also looks the Lakota crew have the just like new watercraft backs from and you can hails.

Sisko was contacted by the Worf, just who tells him the latest Lakota is escorting new Defiant to help you Environment, however, each other boats suffered casualties. Sisko tells Leyton one right now, Odo get showed his proof to Jaresh-Inyo… their area is more than. Leyton still won’t undertake this, and you will tells Sisko he’s adequate faithful officers remaining to make a fight from it. Sisko says to him he’s going to be attacking Starfleet today as well and you will Benteen, who was their closest ally, has quit your very it should be just a point of time till the others would as well. Ultimately taking he could be started beaten, Leyton will be taking off their insignia pins and you will departs their workplace to become arrested, but hopes one to Sisko actually to make an error.

The condition of emergency try in the future lifted, and Earth slow actually starts to return to typical. Odo highlights to everyone there are still Changelings on earth, however, no one is happy to allow them to alter the method it real time… if your Dominion desires to destroy Planet, they must take action themselves. With this, Ben and you may Jake say a happy goodbye to Joseph along with Odo, begin its excursion back into Deep space 9, if you find yourself Joseph following opens up the latest restaurant and you will embraces for the customers once the lifestyle production to normal on the planet.

Splendid estimates

“Admiral Leyton tends to be somewhat grating and you can rigid at times, but also for a guy out-of his accomplishments, a man regarding their known number, so you’re able to to go treason?” “I’m sure the fresh admiral cannot view it since treason! He’d probably safeguard it a desperate work off patriotism.”

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